upgrading from 9.2.4 to 9.3.2-p2

Horn, Thomas Thomas.Horn at fmr.com
Mon Mar 17 17:51:51 UTC 2008

Unfortunately, I'm bound by Lucent DNS and QIP.  9.3.2-p2 is the most
current release for the version of QIP we run.  9.4.x is only supported
in newer versions of the QIP application and we're many months away from
upgrading that.

Thomas Horn
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> Hi everyone,
> I'm in the process of upgrading from 9.2.4 to 9.3.2-P2.  I know of the

What's wrong with upgrading to 9.4.2?

9.3.2-P2 isn't a current or a maintenance release.


John Dickinson

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