upgrading from 9.2.4 to 9.3.2-p2

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Thu Mar 20 21:07:26 UTC 2008

> Have an existing pair of ISC BIND 9.2.2 that I'd like to upgrade to 9.4.2.  A
> ny known issues?  Can I upgrade my primary and still be able to send updates 
> to my 9.2.2 slave?  
> TIA for any suggestions about potential issues.

	All versions of BIND interoperate with all other versions of BIND.

	Major changes:

		check-names has been re-implemented.
		allow-recursion has a new default.
		allow-query-cache now exists.
	Run your zones through named-checkzone or named-checkconf -z.
	Run you config  through named-checkconf.

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