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 David Ford <david at> wrote:

> akmattb wrote:
> > I am in the process of trying to setup a quarantine type vlan on our
> > company network. I would like to have any computer on that network
> > have DNS lookups redirected to a local web server that displays a
> > terms or use page, and other misc information

Create a view on your DNS server that's authoritive for the root zone, 
and this zone contains a wildcard A record that points to your special 
web server.  Then put the IPs of the quarantined machines into the 
view's client match ACL.

> Entirely as an aside, there is nothing about "VLAN" that adds any form 
> of security.  It's simply 4 extra bytes in the link layer header.  
> Please keep that in mind.

But it's added and processed by the switches, not the leaf nodes, so the 
users can't forge it or get around it.

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