how do set a record for the domain

C_at_JC creichert at
Wed Mar 19 16:32:09 UTC 2008

Hello all,

how does one create an A record for the domain?

i guess i'm wondering what is set up in dns to allow a lookup to a
domain name to return an ip address.  say i want to ping  it
works, i get an ip address resolved to ping

What am i trying to accomplish?  I need to set up a web site where the
fqdn will be  I also need to have an authoritative
dns server for only the zone.  Basically i need the ip
for the web server to be returned when is queried.  It
would be easy to just add an A record for ABC in the zone
but i am not allowed to do that in this case.

i know enough to set up A and PTR records all day but not a lot about
dns as a whole.   this is probably a no-duh type question but any
insight would be helpful.



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