Need help with DNS

Don Krause dkrause at
Tue Mar 25 19:09:20 UTC 2008

Have you tried Cent's (Redhat's) system-config-bind GUI? Makes basic  
setup pretty fool proof...

On Mar 25, 2008, at 11:36 AM, Bob Hoffman wrote:
> running linux, cnetos 5.1 (redhat enterprise).
> I think I have read everything under the sun. I bought the remaining  
> '1 in
> stock' of almost every book on bind on The only  
> remaining one is
> pro bind/dns and that is coming tomorrow.
> I am pretty sure it is down to just the named.conf, a zone file or  
> DB (there
> is confusion among the books), may or may not have to deal with  
> resolve and
> hosts files, and there is the recursvie,/non-recursive.iter/cach- 
> nocache
> thing going on.
> The problem lies, as I am finding with most linux things, the  
> information
> available is usually for business class servers and networks, not  
> just for
> simple old webservers.
> Add to it that the majority of webserver owners are using managed  
> hosting
> you have very little online for the specific webserver master.
> Willing to pay pronto for walk through...anyone please...
> Making it work is probably possible for me as I pod along, but  
> 'making it
> work' is not the smae as 'making it work and be secure and correct'.

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