help with notify-source

tony z tzucc at
Wed Mar 26 15:07:50 UTC 2008

> And if you put a syntax error in the file, does it log an error?
yes, I tried, for example, putting braces around the notify-source IP definition, just in case
I was reading the doc's wrong, and named would not start. Which also confirmed I was editing/using
the same named.conf that named was reading.

I really expected to see some sort of bind(2) error when I cranked up the logging debug level,
but I could not see anything unusual.

> Something MUST be causing it to ignore these lines in the file.

> If you used it wrong you would have gotten a syntax error in the log.  
> But it's behaving as if you didn't use it at all.  Alias IPs are fine, 
> that's an expected use of this option.

Well this is why I came to this group, it seemed like my named.conf was correct.
I didn't see a problem in lower level networking causing bind(2) to fail to attach
to the notify-source IP address. Regarding the .XXX, yes, I just edited the actual
IP just to keep it anonymous. 

Barry Margolin, barmar at
Arlington, MA
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