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Mon Mar 31 04:13:07 UTC 2008

All I did was swap IP numbers for X's. That shouldn't bother anyone who is interested to see if truly there is a bug here or it's my config error. In any case, I worked around the problem by having BIND also listen on this IP address that BIND seems to want to notify on (regardless of notify-source), then also setting notify-source to use that same IP.
Now the AXFR's happen immediately, as one would expect. 
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> the named.conf is:

I doubt it.  There are lots of "xxx" in what you posted, and I'll bet 
any amount that the real named.conf file doesn't have them.

Since it's possible that your redacting is masking over the problem, I 
don't think anyone is going to bother helping you until you give up all 
the information hiding and post the real thing.

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