Trouble create slave zones

Eric B. ebenze at
Mon Mar 31 16:57:55 UTC 2008


I'm trying to set up bind 9.2.4 to create slave zones on my machine for a 
bunch of dns zones.  The master is a Win2K Server running it's built-in DNS 
(not Active Directory).

My named.conf file lists the following:
options {
        directory "/var/named";
        dump-file "/var/named/data/cache_dump.db";
        statistics-file "/var/named/data/named_stats.txt";
        zone-statistics yes;
        notify yes; // notify the above IP's when a zone is updated
        pid-file "/var/run/named/";
        transfer-format many-answers; // Generates more efficient zone 
        listen-on { any; };

include "/etc/rndc.key";

zone "" IN { type slave; file "slaves/"; 
masters {; }; };

// Include logging config file
include "/var/named/conf/logging.conf";

However, if I look at /var/log/named/general.log, I see the following error 
Mar 31 12:26:25.902 zone refresh: non-authoritative 
answer from master

This is confusing me extremely.  If I check the configuration on the master 
server, the zone is configured as the primary server.  If it is of any help, 
I can also post the actual dns conf file for the zone on the W2K server.

The only thing I can think of is that my zone's NS records point to my DNS 
server's public address, even though my DNS server is actually behind a 
firewall and has an internal address:

;    Zone NS recors
@                             NS    A

But my primary server's address is actually (and mapped to through my firewall rules).

Is this a configuration problem of bind, the Win2K server, or the actual 
zone information within the DNS server?

Any help, ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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