Number of CPUs detected by Bind 9.4.2 on 4 CPU system running RedHat es 4.

greg kuechle greg.kuechle at
Mon Mar 31 17:59:10 UTC 2008

I have install bind 9.4.2 on a system with 4 CPUs running RedHat es4. I
compiled named with the --enable-threads  and used the -n 4 flag when I
start named.

Mar 31 10:12:24 ******** named[4897]: starting BIND 9.4.2  -t /opt/named
-u named -n 4 -c /etc/named.conf
Mar 31 16:12:24 ******** named[4897]: found 1 CPU, using 4 worker threads

Before I upgraded the system it was running an older version of named that
comes packaged with the OS.
Here is the output from the logfile.
Mar 24 11:34:13 ******** named[5877]: starting BIND 9.2.4
Mar 24 11:34:13 ******** named[5877]: using 4 CPUs

Did I compile named wrong?

Will BIND 9.4.2 use all of the CPUs if I use the -n 4 option at startup?

It looks like named is only running on one CPU. Will named start using the
other CPUs once one CPU is up to 100% ?

Thank you for any help.


Greg Kuechle, A.Sc.T.
Technical Analyst

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