Problems Configuring Bind on Windows Server 2003

Danny Mayer mayer at
Thu May 1 02:09:01 UTC 2008

Alun wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I have a Windows 2003 Virtual Private Server and I'm trying to
> configure it with a BIND DNS Server so my web hosts can point a domain
> name to it.  I've installed BIND9.4.2 on the server using some good
> instructions I found here:
> I've followed all the instructions of the guide, and have configured
> and started BIND server service on the box.

The advice on that page is partially incorrect. You should not create an 
account outside of the installer as it will be insecure. The installer 
is specifically design to create a secure account with minimal 
privileges. In fact the only one that it needs is the "Allow logon as 
Service" privilege. By creating a user account you give it too many 
privileges. It's not supposed to be a user account.

> I think all the configuration went well and the file named.conf (I
> hope) is OK, but there was a single instruction from the above guide I
> had difficulty understanding and wasn't able to complete when editing
> the file, the instruction was in the
> section "Configure your zone", the instruction was as follows:
>>> Substitute nameserver-hostname for the hostname of your nameserver.
> What follows is the entire contents of
> as it currently stands:
> *** START FILE *****
> $TTL 6h
> @	IN SOA
> (
> 			2008042301
> 			10800
> 			3600
> 			604800
> 			86400 )
> @		NS
> your-nameserver	IN A
> *** END FILE *****
> I think the instruction is to replace the reference 'your-nameserver'
> in the file but I'm not sure what the hostname of the nameserver is?
> My Web Host company tells me that we need to point a domain name at
> the name server:
> And I need to provide them with the name servers for them to make this
> change.
> My Questions
> -------------------
> 1.) Could this be the name server ( be what I need to
> replace the reference 'your-nameserver' in the zone file (above)?

If that's the nameserver then yes. ns1 is the your-nameserver in the 
above example. Note that this needs to be listed by the parent domain of, in other words .com needs this information. If the ns1 
hostname is within the, then the .com domain also needs the 
IP address of that host. Registrars always require 2 nameservers and not 
just one so you need to provide a second one which can be hosted by 
anyone in any other domain. If yours is going to be the master then you 
should have the other one act as a slave so that it will automatically 
update itself whenever you change your zone.

> 2.) Also there is a reference to 'hostmaster' in
> does this need to be replaced with any
> different configuration?
> is the email address of the contact 
of the domain with the @ sign replaced by a period (.). If you have a 
period already in the email name part of the email address you will need 
to add a backslash (\) to it.

> 3.) How do I go about giving my Web Hosts the name servers they asked
> for? ( My networking knowledge is very limited, and I'm more of a
> developer so I'm struggling a bit with this )

See above. registrars require two of them.

> I'd be very grateful for any help with this, as I think configuration
> is nearly there.
> Cheers
> Alun


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