Questions about Bind and AD dns integration

Simon Gao gao at
Fri May 2 23:15:22 UTC 2008


We are running Bind as name servers for our internal and public network. 
Now we need to bring AD online. We assign AD a sub domain for AD dns 
servers to manage, like However, we run into one problem 
with reverse dns setting since all hosts are on the same network. 
Currently, reverse map is not set to allow dynamic update and we want to 
keep it that way.

One option is set up AD dns as primary server for reverse maps and 
transfer them to the Bind servers, or set up forwarders pointing to AD 
dns servers Anyone see any problem with such setup?

Is it possible to set up a sub domain on Bind to allow Windows DC and 
clients to do dynamic update to service locator records?


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