Multiple SOA records?

Lars Hecking lhecking at
Tue May 6 23:02:49 UTC 2008

> The language you quote from 1035 (1935 was obviously a typo) refers to 

 Sorry, you're right.

> definitely seems to have a standards-conformance issue 
> in the way it handles SOA queries (anyone feel like fingerprinting their 
> nameservers to see what DNS implementation they're running?), but I 
> wouldn't expect that to affect mail since mail shouldn't have any need 
> (that I can think of) to make SOA queries.

version.bind.           0       CH      TXT     "9.4.0rc2"


version.bind.           0       CH      TXT     "9.4.0"

 I need to get more details from my guys what exactly the issue is.

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