Managing an Internet outage

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Sun May 11 23:51:42 UTC 2008

> We occasionally have a situation where our Internet access is completely 
> down. My Manager has asked about the viability of locating a DNS server 
> off site, and during a situation when we're down,

	You should already be doing this.  DNS servers should be
	located so that there are no single points of failure that
	make them all unavailable.

> modifying it so that it resolves my entire domain to a single IP address.
> Web users would be redirected to that address, and a web page would explain
> we're off line.

	This last part is over kill or not enough.

> Our DNS TTL is set to 1 hour, however, I'm concerned that sites might 
> cache that address for longer than the TTL, and affect things such as mail 
> delivery beyond the outage. Does anyone have an opinion on this plan? 
> Obviously improving our redundancy is a better solution, and that will 
> come in time. Right now this seems like a quick and easy (dirty) solution.
> -Mike

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