transfers to blank slave

Kal Feher kal.feher at
Thu May 15 17:29:29 UTC 2008

Do you mean a method whereby slave servers automatically add new zones?
A qualified no. Standard BIND requires that you add the zone entry into its
config. Of course there are many ways to automate this via scripts, database
dumps, trained monkeys.. Take your pick.

Then there are options such as DLZ, for which you should visit the project
page: (don't get scared off by the old
front page, the info is still relevant and the mailing lists active)

Or indeed some other DNS server solutions which will do what you want.
You'll need to examine their offerings individually.

I recall some posts to this list about the various automation options I
mentioned above, so maybe search through the archives for that.


On 15/5/08 5:50 PM, "Terry" <td3201 at> wrote:

> I am apologizing ahead of time because I am sure this has been asked a
> lot but I am having trouble finding similar terminology for my
> searching.
> Is there any way to get around having to populate the slave with a
> zone entry for transfers?
> Thanks!

Kal Feher

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