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Thu May 15 23:28:39 UTC 2008

> On May 15 2008, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
> >On 15.05.08 01:43, Kevin Darcy wrote:
> >> Hmmm... I must admit I'm a little confused about this myself. It seems 
> >> like 4 of the 6 TLD servers for .org do *not* provide the glue record 
> >> for when (non-recursively) queried directly for it. But 
> >> that glue record should be present in the parent zone, right? So why 
> >> wouldn't they answer with it?
> >
> >I just tried it and all 6 did return glue.
> For me, too. But the UltraDNS servers for .org notoriously use anycast
> (I'm not sure about the others) so we may be seeing different nameservers
> despite using the same IP address.
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> Chris Thompson
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	Some of the org servers return the requested glue in the
	answer section and some in the additional sectioni (which
	is correct as the org servers are not authoritative for it).

	All however returned glue for both nameservers.

	I suspect that there is a broken router / nat / firewall
	that is blocking the query / reply.  The only way to see
	this is to run a packet trace.  Restart the nameserver
	should help in this case provided that the query port is
	not being set.

	Note: this assumes that the test queries we saw were run
	on the nameserver.  If they were run on some other box then
	all bets are off.

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