ignoring out-of-zone msg after nsupdate

Kevin Darcy kcd at chrysler.com
Fri May 16 23:43:51 UTC 2008

Raghavendra Guru wrote:
> is there a workaround for this ?
>  I have a  master zone file <master/example.com>
>   serving up the domains from the zone example.com
>    like www.example.com
>           ftp.example.com  etc
> Until now i was using the same file <master/example.com>
>  for serving up the domains of varinants of example.com like
>      example.cc
>      example.biz
>      exumple.com
> But now i cannot use the master zone file <master/example.com>
> for these variants :-( and would have to create different files and 
> these will not get updated when i do the nsupdate..
>   For eg :
>      if i do a nsupdate for www.example.com, then that should be
>     reflected on www.example.cc too ..
> With the older conf file structure i was hoping that it would happen,
> but unfortunately after nsupdate it does not :-(
> Is there any nice workaround for this ?
Not really. Dynamic Updates are *specific* to the particular zone 
they're made to, so there's no feasible way to "share" a zone that's 

The "zone-file sharing" feature was, to my knowledge, never really 
designed that way; it was just a convenience made possible by the syntax 
and semantics of loading zone data from text files. Once you go to 
another paradigm for maintaining the data -- Dynamic Update -- such 
"tricks" are no longer possible.

Whatever tool you're using that performs those Dynamic Updates would 
need to be modified to make the same update to each of the zones.

                        - Kevin

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