Disaster Recovery Bind architecture

atlantic atlantic at comcast.net
Wed May 21 19:25:14 UTC 2008


I've searched, but not found anything on this specific topic. I am about
to implement two disaster recovery site nameservers; one internal, one
external. I want to keep the internal entries strictly internal. The
external will serve nat'd addresses of the internal nameserver as well
as function as a slave to the primary site nameserver.

I would have no problem implementing this model if the domain names at
the DR site was different from the primary site. My issue is that
because I am using the same domain name, I have had to create a custom
scripted solution to allow the loading of split domain resource records
(using $INCLUDE directives, and sed/awk to remove SOA and header
information from the imported data files.) The fact that this does work
does not negate the issue that I find the solution cumbersome. The issue
would be much more simple if I change the DR site to a different domain
name, since the resource record SOA would be different.

Now that I have stated my issue, my real questions are:

1) How do most businesses address this issue?

2) Is it normal to have a DR DNS function as both a slave to the primary
site and a primary to different DR resources?

3) Is is acceptable to have all three nameservers (primary site, DR
primary, DR secondary) have the serve the same domain name?



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