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From: http://www.isc.org/sw/bind/arm94/Bv9ARM.pdf
"max-cache-size The maximum amount of memory to use for the server’s cache, in bytes. When theunlimited, meaning that records are purged from the cache"
amount of data in the cache reaches this limit, the server will cause records to expire prematurely
so that the limit is not exceeded. In a server with multiple views, the limit applies separately to the
cache of each view. The default is 
only when their TTLs expire.

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Hello everybody,

I am running BIND 9.4.2 and I want to limit the cache size of the named process
because It tends to grow indefinitly.

In order to do that, I put the following line in global option section :

max-cache-size 2M ;

The problem is : this parameter does not seem to work at all because with or
without it, the size of named is the same. Doing a "rndc dumpdb -cache" show a
named_dump.db file size of about 60Mb which is much more than 2Mb as set in

Am I missing something or the parameter is not used by named ?


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