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JINMEI Tatuya / 神明達哉 Jinmei_Tatuya at isc.org
Fri May 23 19:52:41 UTC 2008

At Fri, 23 May 2008 11:32:50 +0200,
gagadget at free.fr wrote:

> I am running BIND 9.4.2 and I want to limit the cache size of the named process
> because It tends to grow indefinitly.
> In order to do that, I put the following line in global option section :
> max-cache-size 2M ;
> The problem is : this parameter does not seem to work at all because with or
> without it, the size of named is the same. Doing a "rndc dumpdb -cache" show a
> named_dump.db file size of about 60Mb which is much more than 2Mb as set in
> named.conf.
> Am I missing something or the parameter is not used by named ?

max-cache-size should generally work.  But since 2M is pretty small,
cache cleaning may not catch up with the rate of inserting new cache
entries (I still believe the footprint should be bounded at some
higher point, though).  If your operational environment allows, can
you try a larger size, e.g. 32MB?

You may also want to try 9.5.0 (currently rc1), where cache management
is substantially improved.  It also provides an XML interface to see
the cache memory footprint in real time.

Note: the internal format of cache (to which max-cache-size applies)
is different from that of the dump file, so the size of named_dump.db
can be very different from max-cache-size (even though these two
should be related to some extent).

JINMEI, Tatuya
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

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