rDNS/DNS problem

Bill.Light at kp.org Bill.Light at kp.org
Fri May 23 22:48:15 UTC 2008

Here's your problem: 86400 IN PTR hall-brothers.com. 86400 IN PTR nopeakerplant.com. 86400 IN PTR showshirtsusa.com. 86400 IN PTR friedrich-family.com. 86400 IN PTR www.light-family.com. 86400 IN PTR dns1.light-family.com. 86400 IN PTR            hysl.org. 86400 IN PTR mail.light-family.com. 86400 IN PTR            o-dowd.net. 86400 IN PTR            valrey.net. 86400 IN PTR            cakables.com. 86400 IN PTR            miss-light.com. 86400 IN PTR            abcshirtusa.com. 86400 IN PTR            siteviewing.com. 86400 IN PTR            siteviewing.net. 86400 IN PTR            soccer-mail.com. 86400 IN PTR            abcshirtsusa.com. 86400 IN PTR            light-family.com. 86400 IN PTR            light-valrey.com. 86400 IN PTR            showshirtusa.com.

Get rid of all of these except the one that refers to mail.light- 

(The long owner name of this RRSet is due to CNAME redirection, a la 
RFC 2317.)

BTW: In your SOA record for this zone, you need to add dots to the 
ends of the first two values after "SOA". You currently, effectively, 
have this: 86400 IN            SOA 
dns1.light-family.com. webmaster.light-family.com. 2004032920 7200 3600 604800 7200

Chris Buxton
Professional Services
Men & Mice

On May 23, 2008, at 3:01 PM, Bill.Light at kp.org wrote:

> I thought I had this squared away, but I'm getting a bounce message 
> from
> craigslist.com saying my "DNS/DNS validation failed."
> The specifics:
> mail.light-family.com at,  handles mail for itself 
> as well
> as a few (family) virtual domains.
> One of the domains:   hall-brothers.com, used by my son
> sons-name at hall-brothers.com sent the e-mail...and received the bounce.
> Can someone on the "outside" tell what I have done wrong please?
> Bill


Thanks for the quick reply, Chris.

I have implemented the changes, now I guess we wait for the cache to 
And then the  folks at  4servers.com to follow...

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