why doesn't rndc return exit status ?

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sun May 25 13:16:59 UTC 2008

Evan Hunt wrote:
>> unlike many daemons, bind allows for configuration changes without  
>> restarting, since doing so can be slow and lose cache contents. That's  
>> good, but it seems the exit status of rndc does not reflect the  
>> success/failure of the operation.
> Indeed it doesn't, and it seems like a useful idea.  It may turn out
> there's a good reason not to do it, but offhand I can't think of one.

BIND9 works asynchronously. It receives the request from rndc and works 
on it and completes it later. Otherwise it could take a long time for 
the request to complete. Take a request to reload a large zone. It may 
take a while.

> Mail it to bind-suggest at isc.org and it'll get into our ticketing system.
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