why doesn't rndc return exit status ?

Danny Thomas d.thomas at its.uq.edu.au
Sun May 25 20:53:35 UTC 2008

On 26/05/2008, at 2:40 AM, Evan Hunt wrote:

>> BIND9 works asynchronously. It receives the request from rndc and  
>> works
>> on it and completes it later. Otherwise it could take a long time for
>> the request to complete. Take a request to reload a large zone. It  
>> may
>> take a while.
> True, but adding an option to have rndc wait for a reply before  
> exiting
> could be workable.

my focus is an init script that does an rndc reconfig
how can this be done robustly when
     the command is asynchronous
    doesn't return an indication of success/failure

maybe "-S" : synchronous *and* returns operation status

0 status == rndc did not fail and operation was successful


please don't make me tail the log

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