Bind for Windows - supports IPv6 or not?

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Apr 8 14:05:17 UTC 2009

In message <1239192081.6817.16.camel at karl>, Karl Auer writes:
> Hi there.
> I want to work around the "XP won't use IPv6 as a DNS transport" issue.
> So I downloaded the latest precompiled BIND (9.6.0-P1) for Windows from
> the ISC site, and read the following in the "readme first" file:
> "This is a release of BIND 9.5 for Window 2000/XP/2003.
> Only IPv4 stacks are supported on the box running this version of BIND.
> IPv6 stacks will be supported in a future release."
> Hm! The download was 9.6.0-P1, the readme refers to 9.5. Could it be
> that the downloaded version *does* now support IPv6?
> If not, are there precompiled binaries with IPv6 support anywhere else,
> or do I have to compile it myself to get IPv6 support? I haven't
> compiled anything on a Windows platform since about Windows 3.11...
> Regards, K.
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	The readme is out of date.  All recent releases support IPv6.

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