ADDITIONAL Section Contains Wrong Data

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at ISC.ORG
Wed Apr 8 14:10:49 UTC 2009

In message <3D0AA5DF-C7CE-4F43-AB30-BBF97F22084B at>, Merton Campbell Crockett writes:
> Under what conditions would a response to a DNS query return a correct  
> answer but have the AUTHORITY and ADDITIONAL sections the names and  
> addresses of the gTLD root servers?

	If the answer was from a cache and the NS RRset for the
	zone has timed out.
> I would have expected to see the domain names and addresses of the  
> UltraDNS name servers as they are the Registrar for the domain name  
> being queried.
> The query was part of the data captured on 06 April 2009 when  
> investigating a problem with Microsoft's Office Communicator.
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