about ns record in child domain

Tech W. techwww at yahoo.com.cn
Sun Apr 12 02:42:35 UTC 2009


I have a domain said example.com.
in example.com's main DNS I added a NS record:

cdn.example.com.  IN  NS  otherdns.example.com.
otherdns.example.com.  IN  A

Then in DNS of otherdns.example.com, I set something in named.conf like:

      zone "cdn.example.com" {
           type master;
           file "/var/cdn.example.com.db";

in cdn.example.com.db:

www.cdn.example.com.  IN  A
mail.cdn.example.com   IN  A  xx.xx.xx.xx

But, my question is, how can I add NS records for zone itself of cdn.example.com? I mean, I can't add something like this in cdn.example.com.db:

otherdns.example.com.  IN  A
(this NS item was defined in example.com's main dns.)

Please help, thanks!


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