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Chris Buxton cbuxton at menandmice.com
Tue Apr 14 13:26:09 UTC 2009

On Apr 14, 2009, at 3:00 AM, Jeff Pang wrote:
>> In this case, the answer is that your main zone (example.com) will
>> have an error, because it will have an A record below the "bottom" of
>> the zone that is not a glue record. In other words, it will recognize
>> that www.my.example.com belongs to my.example.com, not to  
>> example.com.
> Chris,
> You said main zone will get an error b/c it has that an A record below
> the bottom of the zone.
> Is it correct if that A record was on the top of the zone? like:
> www.my.example.com.  IN A
> my.example.com.  IN NS  ns.my.example.com.
> ns.my.example.com.  IN A

No, I didn't mean positionally within the zone file. Record order is  
mostly irrelevant in zone files (but the SOA record must be first).

The "bottom" of a zone is any delegation point to a subzone. "www.my"  
is below a delegation of "my". The exception is glue records, which  
are address records that belong to the subzone but are present to  
support the delegation itself.

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