subdomain forwarding on a domain-authoritative dns

Philippe.Simonet at Philippe.Simonet at
Thu Apr 16 14:11:12 UTC 2009

Hello ISC users

in a special environment, I have to forward '', on a dns where I'm 
master for ''. all subsequent subdomains of '' must
be reachede through this forwarder. I cannot use iteration here because the
dns authoritative for e.g. '' are not reachable from this dns.

zone {
	type master;
	file "";
zone {
	type forward;
	forwarders {; };

all this is is working only if I define a NS for in '' : 
----	IN NS  IN A
I also observed that this NS is not used by bind, because a dummy address is enough
to do the forward correctly. this NS has only to be present and the forwarding works.

my question is : is this a bind 'feature' or is this a bad idea to use that ?
I have to ensure that this behaviour will be the same in the next bind releases. 

thanks and regards

Philippe Simonet

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