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Robert Spangler mlists at zoominternet.net
Wed Apr 22 22:12:28 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 22 April 2009 15:13, Sandy Mackenzie wrote:

>  Hi,
>  I was wondering if anyone see any issues with the following scenario?
>  DNS1 primary
>  DNS2 secondary
>  In the event we lose the site where DNS1 exists permanently.
>  Can we simply convert the DNS2 configuration file to a become a primary
> for the zones it was set to be a secondary for, to ensure the zones do not
> become stale?
>  I am trying to think of some implications.

The question becomes how long are you planning for the master to be off line?  
If you are just worried about stale zones you just need to increase your 
expire time so they don't expire.  Only time I would promote a slave to 
master is if the master is going to be down for an extended period of time or 
I need to update DNS record while the master is off-line.



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