need a bit of help zone file and updates not getting out

Pete Lancashire petepdx1955 at
Fri Apr 24 00:36:00 UTC 2009

and just got 'proof' back, sending mail to got me

No MX or A records for

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From: Pete Lancashire <petepdx1955 at>
Subject: need a bit of help zone file and updates not getting out
To: bind-users at
Date: Friday, April 24, 2009, 12:33 AM

its been a long time since had to change a zone db and having a problem getting the domain to be correctly setup at least of far as I can tell.

bind is 9.5.1 running on x86 fedora 10

the domain is bind is listening at 

i have the expires small for now until things get back to normal, also made the
s/n large since can't remember what it was.
$TTL 10M                
@    IN SOA    root.localhost.localdomain. (    2147483659
                        10M )
    IN    NS
    IN    NS
    IN    10M    A    
    IN    10M    MX    10
dns1    IN    10M    A   
dns    IN    10M    A    
dns2    IN    10M    A    
slug2    IN    10M    A    
slug1    IN    10M    A    
mail    IN    10M    A    
www    IN    10M    A    

foo    IN    10M    A    

bilbo   IN      10M    
        IN      10M     MX  10

tia -pete


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