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This is not the DNS job to check at the web service availability.
You could make an external script that is testing for the service availibility
and change the dns accordingly, like (...) :

web1 active  ?
    yes : was it active at last test ?
            yes : do nothing
            no : set www to point to web1 in DNS
    no : was it already inactive ?
            yes : do nothing
            no : set www to point to web2 in DNS

and with having www/web1/web2 having a low TTL.


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Hi all,

Can it be possible through the bind, www records should work as failover, I mean during the primary record unavailable and then it should go for next www only, Pls. note that I don't want let they work as round robin function.

1. Primary www record pointing as long as it is available it should read from the same IP,

2. Secondary www record pointing it should act only incase of primary is down.

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