stop zone transfers from coming in

Sam Wilson Sam.Wilson at
Thu Apr 30 12:33:57 UTC 2009

In article <gt8lk3$1pei$1 at>,
 Chris Henderson <henders254 at> wrote:

> My server works as a secondary for a zone. I asked the master server's
> admin to stop the zone transfer; I didn't get any reply and thus
> commented out the zone's section in my named.conf. But I'm still
> getting zone files coming in to my server.
> Here is what I have commented out:
> #  zone "" {
> #       type slave;
> #       file "extra/";
> #        masters {
> #     ;
> #       };
> #  };
> I commented out for some other zones as well and they have stopped
> coming but not this one.
> How do I stop this?

Just asking the obvious, but have you reconfig'ed or restarted named 
since you made the change?  The other point is that master servers don't 
send zones, the slave server requests it.  The master may send out 
notify messages to tell the slaves that a change has occured and they 
should schedule a transfer, but the responsibility lies with the slave.

I'd also normally suggest you provide the real name of the zone and the 
addresses of the server, thought it might not help in this case.


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