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Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Fri Aug 7 10:03:56 UTC 2009

On 07.08.09 10:50, Luis Silva wrote:
> 1 - I need to be a slave for the zones "" and "" but
> everything else must be redirected to the server. Do you think
> the example bellow is correct? The problem is that everytime I send a
> request to the forward zone, my server adds the root nameservers in the
> authoritative and additions sections of the message, which i do not think is
> correct. Is there a better alternative?

your server? You apparently did not allow recursion from your IP addresses
on it.

> 2 - My second problem is that I have my BIND server forwarding all the
> request to a name server, but I wanted to test another server in case of a
> negative answer (for example, name error) with the exception of a certain
> zone.
> For example, I want to send all the requests for "es", but in case of a
> negative answer and the zone domain name is not "", I want to try
> another server. Is that possible?

you can configure zone "" to be forwarded to different server. There
is no functionality in BIND that would continue searching for a name when a
server responds "the name does not exist".
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