name.c:1714: INSIST(nlabels == name->labels) failed

dinesh tech tech.dinesh40 at
Sun Aug 9 07:53:07 UTC 2009

Hi All,

I have 3-servers all are running with the ISC-BIND-9.4.3-P1, two of are the
DNS master and slave server and third one is caching resolvers.

In Caching server I am seeing  below errors.

name.c:1714: INSIST(nlabels == name->labels) failed
named : exiting (due to assertion failure)

I have seen in the following link, in which for the same issue bug has


.Note: This same issue is also present on the BIND-9.6.1-P1 also

Could you please look at into this and when can we get the fix for this

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