nsupdate and an external database

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>From the lack of response, I take it that there is no good way to have BIND trigger an external database update (or other action) when it receives a DDNS update.  At least not without significantly customizing BIND, similar to what Quadritec / Lucent / Alcatel-Lucent did with QIP.

Enhancing ProBIND to support BIND-SDB master servers while keeping traditional configuration files for the slaves looks feasible.  Would there be interest in the BIND community for a version of ProBIND with SDB support, or am I re-inventing the wheel?

There are a lot of dead and outdated links for BIND-SDB.  Is it viable for long-term use?



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> Subject: nsupdate and an external database
> Greetings all,
> We have a number of BIND 9.3.4 servers that are managed by ProBIND.  We would like to be able to
> use nsupdate to generate dynamic DNS updates, but, of course, any DDNS updates would be lost
> the next time the zone was "pushed" since they aren't reflected in ProBIND's MySQL database.
> Is there any standard way to have BIND notify an external function or program that an update has occurred?
> For example, registering a callback function that would then make the appropriate update to the
> ProBIND database?  That's not a perfect solution, since there's still a chance for the zone and the
> external database to be out of sync if the external database update doesn't exactly match the DNS
> update, or if the serial numbers are mishandled.  But it seems like that would be a better solution
> than trying to monitor zone/journal files for changes, or parsing log files.
> I've looked at SDB, which would be attractive if ProBIND or an alternative management system
> used SDB instead of their own schema, and I'm investigating bind-dlz and NetReg.
> Is there a preferred way to handle this?
> Thank you for your time,
> John

John Simpson
Senior Software Engineer, I. T. Engineering and Operations

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