Strange tiny time limit RRSIG

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Fri Aug 14 15:06:37 UTC 2009

On Aug 14 2009, Paul Wouters wrote:

>I'm running into a strange issue where when signing a zone with
>re-using signatures, that sometimes 1 RRSIG record ends up with
>a validity time of almost nothing. This happens for instance when
>signing (and re-using sigs) using "-i 1296000  -e +2592000 -j 2592000"
>as part of the dnssec-signzone command.

If you set the jitter equal to the relative end time, you are spreading
the expiry times uniformly between now and then, so you should expect
a few of them to be be "almost nothing". You should be setting jitter
so that the earliest expiry time is (comfortably) later than the next
time you expect to resign the zone in the same way. (I am assuming that
you are using offline signing only.)

Chris Thompson
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