hardware requirements per hits

Alans batpower83 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Aug 17 13:50:17 UTC 2009

@Matus: let me put it in this way, if I want to create a budget for next
year for example, then I should know what upgrades I need for next year
(estimated needs), and let's assume dns queries increase monthly by x hits,
now, if I know how many hits will make me upgrade cpu and memory then I can
find out my cpu and memory needs for next year, hope this explain to you why
my question is not "usless", at least for me.
I'll be happy if you tell me another way to know my needs for next year.


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On 17.08.09 08:43, Alans wrote:
> Ok, please tell me what details you need.
> I guess number of hits is related to increase in CPU usage, for example
> simultaneously hits will make cpu usage 10% and so on, I need that number.

I'm afraid this ias jusst useless question. The only usefull question is
what hardware you need to be able to process your traffic.

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