hardware requirements per hits

Kevin Darcy kcd at chrysler.com
Mon Aug 17 20:37:19 UTC 2009

And this is why we try to keep beancounters away from the technical folks...

There are just so many variables here. Are all the clients looking up 
essentially the *same* names? Or are the new clients looking up 
*different* names than the old ones? This has an impact on cache hit 
ratio, which then has an cascading impact on network traffic, query 
residency, latency, etc.

Will the next big Internet fad involve 5 DNS names? Or 50? Or 250? How 
frequently will those names be looked up, and, is the target app 
conducive to DNS-based load-balancing with low TTL values?

What OS are you running on? Does it scale well with volume? How about 
the network implementation? Is it sockets-based? How well does it manage 
its buffers? Do you have competent administrators watching your systems, 
tuning them for performance? Proactively? Reactively?

Would you consider jumping ship to another OS that scales better? 
Consider the migration costs and logistics.

What about the option of buying more servers as volume increases, rather 
than trying to upgrade the existing servers? Do you have rack space? 
Electrical? Air conditioning? Backup generator? Site licenses? How's 
your monitoring and event-management infrastructure? Can it handle an 
influx of new servers? Are your client apps well-behaved enough that 
they can tolerate a failover from one resolver to another in case of a 
single-point failure? How about two failovers, in the case of a 
multiple-point failure? Are your network architects competent enough to 
implement "anycast"?

I could go on...

- Kevin

Alans wrote:
> @Matus: let me put it in this way, if I want to create a budget for next
> year for example, then I should know what upgrades I need for next year
> (estimated needs), and let's assume dns queries increase monthly by x hits,
> now, if I know how many hits will make me upgrade cpu and memory then I can
> find out my cpu and memory needs for next year, hope this explain to you why
> my question is not "usless", at least for me.
> I'll be happy if you tell me another way to know my needs for next year.
> Alans
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>> Ok, please tell me what details you need.
>> I guess number of hits is related to increase in CPU usage, for example
> 1000
>> simultaneously hits will make cpu usage 10% and so on, I need that number.
> I'm afraid this ias jusst useless question. The only usefull question is
> what hardware you need to be able to process your traffic.

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