Delegating reverse DNS to a customer

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Since the CIDR block you have been allocated containing
is smaller than a /16, ARIN is delegating authority for the IN-ADDR.ARPA
zones for each of your /24's directly to your dns servers.  In order for
your customer's dns servers to be authoritative for
251.250.63.IN-ADDR.ARPA, you're going to have to have ARIN delegate the
zone to your customer's servers.  If you have not already SWIP'ed the
/24 to your customer, then you'll want to do so using the detailed
reassignment template
(, I
think).  If you have already SWIP'ed the space to them, then you'll need
to submit the net-mod template
(, I think) for the
/24.  (Note:  I'm not the person who submits SWIP templates in our
organization, so I might be wrong about the particular templates to use.
But the principle is still valid.  It's the SWIP information filed with
ARIN that determines what dns servers are authoritative for the zones for your /24's.)


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	We're a smallish (but growing) ISP, and we've been asked by one
of our customers to delegate reverse DNS for to their
DNS servers, - Unfortunately, we've never had
to delegate DNS to a customer before, and we're having problems getting
it to work.


	We're running BIND 9.5.1 on Fedora.


	Can anyone give me an example of how this should be done in
named.conf and the file I'd appreciate it!





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