CNAME for MX Record?

SM sm at
Wed Aug 19 17:53:22 UTC 2009

At 09:35 19-08-2009, Bradley Caricofe wrote:
>I have the following issue. A customer hosts a domain with me,
> Her primary email account is on that domain, we'll call
>it her at She has also registered another name through
>Dotster, Dotster provides her with URL
>redirection and email forwarding for that domain. She has setup an
>email address, we'll call it her at, which
>should forward to her at
>We've been having a problem where not all senders are being received
>when mail is sent to the her at account. I've
>sent her test emails from gmail, yahoo and my own server (sendmail)
>and all were received. When I send emails from systems using exchange,
>I eventually get a bounce that the message has been's
>never received.

;     IN      MX

;; ANSWER SECTION: 1800 IN      MX      0 3600 IN      CNAME


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