Double messages in comp.protocols.dns.bind

Sam Wilson Sam.Wilson at
Mon Aug 24 16:06:10 UTC 2009

In article <mailman.366.1250954533.14796.bind-users at>,
 Barry Margolin <barmar at> wrote:

> It looks like there are two mail-to-news gateways running for 
> bind-users, so every message to the list is being posted twice to the 
> newsgroup.  ...

But at least messages are now being posted to the newsgroup - the 
gatewaying, at least as seen from here and from Google, went AWOL on 4 
June 09.  Postings from 15 Aug onward have now appeared.

So thank you, ISC, even if the gatewaying is now a little 
overenthusiastic.  :-)


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