Punycode & nslookup

Kai Szymanski ks at codebiz.de
Sat Dec 5 13:04:18 UTC 2009

Hi Chris,
hi joe,

ok..i will compile bind (resp. the libs) by myself and try it out. Thanks!

What is the way for the future: Should the browser encode idn's into
punycode and send it to the nameserver (like example below) or should
the browser send the un-encoded idn to the nameserver and the nameserver
have to do the "encoding-stuff" ? Or both ?

When i use tcpdump tomonitor the traffic on port 53 and i enter for
example "www.wüstchen.de" i see:

13:16:32.856370 IP kshome-desktop.53700 > speedport.ip.domain: 60227+ A?
mail.xx.de. (33)
13:16:32.857902 IP speedport.ip.domain > kshome-desktop.53700: 60227
1/0/0 A[|domain]
13:16:57.404713 IP kshome-desktop.55215 > speedport.ip.domain: 13265+ A?
www.xn--wrstchen-65a.de. (41)
13:16:57.459098 IP speedport.ip.domain > kshome-desktop.55215: 13265
13:16:57.601032 IP kshome-desktop.37413 > speedport.ip.domain: 790+ A?
www.xx.de. (34)
13:16:57.626011 IP speedport.ip.domain > kshome-desktop.37413: 790 1/0/0

The browser (Firefox 3.0/Linux) seems to encode the entered Domain into

When i enter "ping www.würstchen.de" i get:

13:19:35.835977 IP kshome-desktop.58121 > speedport.ip.domain: 10129+ A?
www.wM-CM-<rstchen.de. (35)

Look funny, not puny ;)

@joe: Here some idn's:

	www.würstchen.de   (Like Bratwurst ;)
	www.tür.de	   (Door)
	www.bügeleisen.de  (flat iron)
Best regards,

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