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jefsey jefsey at
Sun Dec 6 18:26:27 UTC 2009

At 06:36 06/12/2009, Danny Mayer wrote:
>JFC Morfin wrote:
> > I wish to set-up my BIND DNS server on window XP as a service. I checked
> > the "automatic start-up". Unfortunately it did not work. The readme1st
> > guide only says that the way to do it is as usual, what does not help me
> > since I never did it. When I try using mmc there is no way I find to
> > declare named as a service.
> >
> > Would there be a dedicated Windows/BIND internet user oriented site
> > which explains how to install BIND on windows?
>Did you actually read the readme? Did you run BINDInstall? Did you
>create an named.conf file? Did you check your application event log?

Dear Danny,
My questions were basic questions of a basic user, i.e. what I either 
to answer or to solve for him, as part of a complete support of IDNA. 
I therefore understand that BINDInstall is the tool to start from, 
i.e. study and extend as per the new requirements I may perceive. And 
that a dedicated (IDNA/)BIND(/Windows) support solution is to be 
explored if it appears necessary, none existing yet.

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