Punycode & nslookup

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Mon Dec 7 13:07:38 UTC 2009

Chris Buxton wrote:
> On Dec 4, 2009, at 10:12 AM, Joe Baptista wrote:
>> On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 12:26 PM, Chris Buxton <cbuxton at menandmice.com> wrote:
>>> nslookup will only understand IDN if BIND is compiled with that
option in the ./configure step.
>> might be a good idea if it was the default option. as idn becomes
popular the lack of idn support for the tools will result in confusion.
> The reason IDN support in the BIND query tools (dig, host, nslookup)
is not the default is because it relies on a 3rd party library, which
must be installed and configured by the package builder beforehand. This
is just like SSL support, needed for DNSSEC and TSIG, except that most
operating systems don't already ship with libidnkit.

And I haven't looked for one for Windows so it probably won't work with


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