Bind9.6.1-P2 - Zone Statistic counters remaining 0

Dangl, Thomas thomas.t.dangl at
Mon Dec 7 15:10:44 UTC 2009

some counters in the zone statistics remain 0 although queries have been
Here is the example for a zone statistics.
The counter Requestv4 is still 0. Requestv6 is irrelevant for what I
did, queries were done via IPv4.
QrySuccess, QryAuthAns and QryNXDOMAIN are correct.
My target is to have a number of all queries (successful and failed) -
i.e. without XFR and update - for each zone.
Please note that the counter shall be based on queries, not o responses.

Could you please expain the behavior?
Best regards
Thomas Dangl

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