Punycode & nslookup

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Tue Dec 8 03:36:33 UTC 2009

jefsey wrote:
> At 11:06 06/12/2009, Chris Buxton wrote:
>> On Dec 5, 2009, at 6:34 AM, JFC Morfin wrote:
>> > Chris Buxton <cbuxton at menandmice.com> 4 décembre 2009 20:29
>> >> The reason IDN support in the BIND query tools (dig, host,
>> nslookup) is not the default is because it relies on a 3rd party
>> library, which must be installed and configured by the package builder
>> beforehand. This is just like SSL support, needed for DNSSEC and TSIG,
>> except that most operating systems don't already ship with libidnkit.
>> >
>> > Do you know the hook? I am just starting investigating the code, and
>> I have C only as a minor :-)
>> All I know is what you find in the BIND source code directory. For
>> example, with BIND 9.7.0b2:
>> $ ./configure --help | grep idn
>>   --with-idn=MPREFIX      enable IDN support using idnkit default PREFIX
>>   --with-idnlib=ARG       specify libidnkit
>> $ less README.idnkit
> Due to my lack of time and because at the same time I use BIND/Windows
> on my XP machine to test my own way to use the DNS in the IDNA suggested
> context; I selected 9.5.2.

Which means spending even more time since BIND/Windows does not yet
support the IDN libs.


> I understand from quick digging that the IDN libs are of 2003. Since I
> mainly want to work on them, I feel this os OK. Except if they have been
> updated?
> Best.
> jfc

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