Signing with the KSK and ZSK

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In message <2ac8e9ad0912072303u6327b50eoc06cbfe232632626 at>, xu dong writes:
> Hi folks, i have a question about signing zone files with the ksk and the
> zsk, as i know,when signing the zone files i have to use the ksk and zsk
> both,just as following:
> *dnssec-signzone -o domain-name -t -k KSK zone-name ZSK*
> but i want to sign the ZSK with KSK first,and then sign the zone files with
> zsk,so how can i do?

Firstly you don't sign keys or files, you sign RRsets or zones.

'-x' will tell the signer to the DNSKEY RRset only using KSK's.

Secondly don't over specify the command line.

'dnssec-signzone -x -o domain-name master-file'

is enough in most cases.  dnssec-signzone will look at the DNSKEY
records in the master-file and workout what is needed. 

The options are there for when you want dnssec-signzone to do
something non-standard.


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