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> On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 6:59 PM, Mark Andrews <marka at> wrote:
> > allow-query-cache
> >        Specifies which hosts are allowed to get answers from the
> >        cache. If allow-query-cache is not set then allow-recursion
> >        is used if set, otherwise allow-query is used if set unless
> >        recursion no; is set in which case none; is used, otherwise
> >        the default (localnets; localhost;) is used.
> >
> Thanks for all.
> My english is not good enough to understand for the statement above.
> Does it mean I have to set both allow-query-cache and allow-recursion,
> or either of them?

My English is well :) and that paragraph is still confusing.  Forget 
about the defaults and set all these options the way you want them 

English is not well suited to describing the nested way these defaults 
depend on each other.  It would probably be better if pseudo-code had 
been used:

if allow-query-cache is set
then use it
else if allow-recursion is set
     then allow-query-cache = allow-recursion
     else if allow-query is set
          then if recursion != no
               then allow-query-cache = allow-query
               else allow-query-cache = none
          else allow-query-cache = (localnets; localhost;)

I hope I translated it right -- the clause about allow-query and 
recursion is confusing.

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