strange dig behavior

Pamela Rock prock111 at
Mon Dec 21 01:15:21 UTC 2009

I've got the following three scenarios

The client can query a domain A residing on a recursive name server.

The client can query a domain B on an authratative name server.

When client queries domain B through the RNS, a Status: refused results.

I don't know what is causing the refused.  IP tables is off everywhere, and there are no ACL's on routers or firewalls.  

The only error I'm seeing is the following in the debug log

20-Dec-2009 19:21:09.443 query-errors: debug 3: client query failed (REFUSED) for at query.c:3882

I'm running bind 9.6.1 on RH ES 5 64 bit O/S.  Any ideas?  Thanks!!


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