multithreading for dnssec-signzone

Marco Davids marco.davids at
Wed Dec 23 15:18:42 UTC 2009

On 12-23-2009 15:33, Marco Davids wrote:

>>> It seems as if my 'dnssec-signzone' runs on one CPU-core only, where as
>>> I would have expected it to run on all four.
>> dnssec-signzone first does a lot of preprocessing on one core, before
>> it finally starts signing with multiple cores. Are you sure it is not
>> using multiple cores?
> Not anymore... I guess I'd better be patient and wait for the entire
> signing process to finish first :-)

Okay - it works now. Thank you all for your replies. The solution turned
out to be a bit foolish: don't forget to do a 'make clean' first before
trying something else. :-/

BTW: sorry for messing up an existing thread on this list. I was unaware
of that behaviour of my e-mail client.



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