BIND still will not resolve

Matthew Pounsett matt at
Mon Feb 2 19:22:36 UTC 2009

On 02-Feb-2009, at 14:03, S. Jeff Cold wrote:

> BIND list,
>    Well, I thought I had this DNS problem licked with my ISP  
> volunteering as a secondary name server, but I guess not.  My server  
> still will not resolve my domain.  Maybe I have something  
> wrong in named.conf or the zone files?  I can't figure it to be so  
> difficult, but it just will not resolve.

Your authoritative DNS servers aren't configured to be authoritative  
for gives an upward referral to the root,  
and gives a REFUSED response.  Both behaviours  
indicate that the servers don't believe they're authoritative for the  

Looking at your configuration, I don't see a "zone" statement anywhere  
to load a zone file.

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